SEMI HIATUS! my name's hiccup;

I might not be the coolest viking around Berk, but I'm still the one and only who brought every viking to accept dragons. Cool enough, uh?

Independent Roleplay/Ask blog for Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third from How To Train Your Dragon.

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NOT SPOILER-FREE! (tag: httyd2 spoilers)


There’s a shop down the street,
where they sell plastic rings,
for a quarter a piece, I swear it.
Yeah, I know that it’s cheap,
not like gold in your dreams,
but I hope that you’ll still wear it.


Endlessly- Cab


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cutie <3 ^^

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u beaut

u more beaut

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// I’m not even going to reply to that new reblog from the person earlier because that’s just fucking bullshit and I’m done with those people who don’t even fucking care about other’s experience. HTTYD2 is one of the best movies to come out but because of some lazy ass who don’t even try to fucking tag their spoiler there’s gonna be a lot of disappointment. NO ITS NOT ENOUGH TO SAY SCROLL PAST BECAUSE IF ITS A PICTURE YOU WILL SEE IT ANYWAY FUCK YOU.


Just got back from Sakura con 2014! It was a blast! Friday I dressed as Hiccup and my friend Alecsy was dress ad Jack frost, one of the most amazing ones I have ever seen! <3 as you can see, we kind of Hijacked the place a bit~ ;D 
Thank you to Aaron for taking such lovely photos! 
To Dee for making the tunic, and My friend luke for asking his friends to let me use their hiccup vest when I stupidly forgot mine at home. <3

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Late night Hijack sketch. =D=


Art by me




Happy Easter! Have a Hyde animation on his way to save his Human Popsicles from some form of catastrophe. Or maybe wee Aster’s playing tag or something I’LL LEAVE IT UP TO YOU 

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