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Hiccup and Astrid with their dragons, relaxing while on an adventure or something.

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Why has no one drawn or written anything for that one part in TFIOS (the book at least) that goes like so: 

“Hazel Grace,” he said, “do you have a pen and a piece of paper?” I said I did. “Okay, please draw a circle.” I did. “Now draw a smaller
circle within that circle.” I did. “The larger circle is virgins. The smaller circle is seventeen-year-old guys with one leg.”


Two of my favorite pictures that I drew as part of a thank you piece I did for jinzilla after taking on all my commissions at San Japan! (I forgot I had these on my phone) The pictures corresponded to what she drew in the commissions :) 

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Beyond the Trees
Above the Clouds
I See Before Me a New Horizon

»Thanks to shamrock and koibitotedare for keeping me company while I drew this on a little private

HEY so I think I’m finally getting comfortable with my style that I can branch out and start trying some new posings and such so play with. This one was really fun.<3


Art by me


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Anonymous asked ;  
wait so you did watch the clone wars series? did you like it?

Ehhhh nah, I didn’t watch it, it’s not my kind of thing owo

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kit-replica asked ;  
i see you are bored? Draw some fancy hijack? Or fancy toothless!


sorry IDK what is fancy like but I like young hiccup in girl’s outfit ok bye

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Reminder that post trimming is very, very important!

Nobody likes to see this on their dash, and scrolling through it is an eyesore and tedious for everyone. Here are some useful links that will keep everyone’s dash clean of this monstrosity! If you aren’t familiar with how to properly reblog long posts or threads (or even if you are) then I would advise you to take a little refresher on this very important piece of RP etiquette.

How to Trim your Posts

How to Reblog Long Text Posts

How to Reblog as Text and not a Link

How to Cut Posts on Mobile

Untrimmed posts suck. Especially on mobile when you have to scroll for like three minutes through a post and your phone starts lagging and it’s all bad.


I love how Toothless always waits for an apology

Anonymous asked ;  
omg I was watching star was the clone wars in french and let me just say anakin sounded hot as fuck like screw the american version, holy shit!

Welp that’d be the first time a french version is better than the original then

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